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Materials science

2017-07-27T17:54:54+03:00[Europe/Moscow] en true Elastomer, Aramid, Kevlar, Buckling, Adsorption, Alloy, Crystal structure, Crystallography, Electrical resistivity and conductivity, Hardness, Scanning electron microscope, Shape-memory alloy, Sputtering, Strength of materials, Transmission electron microscopy, Ultimate tensile strength, Cementite, Hysteresis, Phase diagram, Solid solution, Carburizing, Fracture, Thermal analysis, Ohmic contact, Photoresist, Viscoelasticity, X-ray crystallography, Electron mobility, Nondestructive testing, Solid-state chemistry, Photoelasticity, Surface states, Thermal spraying, Cermet, Wear, Cemented carbide, Chrome plating, Nitriding, Deformation (engineering), Segregation (Materials Science), Bonding in solids, Photoelectrochemical process, Entropic force, Friability, Max Planck Institute for Iron Research, Structural integrity and failure, Microstructure, Crystal growth, PEDOT-TMA, Reptation flashcards Materials science
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